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Generally the intolerable stinking smell of dirty toilets spreads through corridors and stairs to every where in commercial buildings. It is a major threat in modern business organization. Old fashioned and crude cistern flushing systems are unsuitable in modern times as they continuously keep on flushing water whether required or not besides these systems also conume costly toilet space. Toshi's auto urinal/flusher systems are designed to provide automatic fushing in Urinals and Comodes of western / Indian style without even touching any thing. Toshi's auto flushing systems are stylish, durable, easy to use and add a prestigious and sophisticated look to any organization. They eliminate wastage of precious water, eliminates the stinking and foul smell which arises due to non flushing of urinals/wc by user in some cases. These systems make restrooms/washrooms a place to visit with a smile and not with one's nose covered and a frown on the face! Toshi Auto Flushers eliminates water wastage. Toshi being first company in India to start battery powered auto flushers in October 1996 also offer its modern customers FUZZY LOGIC based auto urinal sensors. Which calculates amount of water to be flushed depending upon time take by user at urinal or wc pot. Ordinary Auto Urinal System use about 400 litres of water each day considering 100 person use urinal pots in a day but Toshi Fuzzy Logic Urinal System will consume only 150 litres of water and at the same time keeping your toilet free of foul smell as always.

Various models of Toshi Auto Systems are as :

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Elegant Looks Auto Urinal Flusher
Elegant looks Auto Urinal Flusher
Elegant Looks Auto Urinal Flusher
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