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As above name indicates, an auto tap is no touch sensor fitted classic electronic sanitary fitting in which as you bring your hands under the sensor, the water flows out by itself and stops on removing the hands. This automatic operation is totally hygienic and protects you from all infections and diseases which spread from one person to another through ordinary taps. Auto systems stop water wastage and eliminates the need of an attendant in various places like Operation Theatres. Overall they are highly cost effective and pay back their cost very shortly. An auto tap is highly recommended for public places like multiplexes, shopping malls, cinemas, hospitals, hotels etc. where water wastage is a huge problem and at the same time risk of transmission of infectour diseases is also very high. Auto taps are available in two types : Electrical (220 v AC ) and Battery Types. Toshi being leader in these systems is the first company in India to introduce battery powered taps way back in October 1996 .

Today at Toshi , customer can find largest , most advanced and durable range of world class auto taps of different shapes, colour and design to suit most stringest customer requirement. Installation of Toshi Auto tap is extremely simple and this has resulted in quick and efficient after sales servicing leading to total customer satisfaction. Presently Toshi auto taps are available all over the country through very large supplier network and courier services.

Various models of Toshi Auto Taps are shown here :

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Hands Free Auto Tap - Elegant and Sleek Look match with your washroom decoram
Sleek & Elegant Auto Tap,Brass with chrome polish
India's First Swan Neck Battery Powered Premium Auto Tap
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