Automatic Soap Dispensers

Toshi is dedicated to providing a more sanitary environment within restrooms. Cross contamination of bacteria within public restrooms is a serious health hazard and the touch-free restroom products are the answer. An auto soap dispenser is highly recommended for public restrooms in places like multiplexes, shopping malls, cinemas, hospitals, hotels etc. where the risk of transmission of infectious diseases is high. These dispensers and foam soap refills are also ideally suited for kitchens and health facilities. Toshi's Auto Soap Dispensers enable the visitors to the public restrooms to rinse their hands thoroughly without touching the dispenser.

Various models of Toshi Auto Soap Dispensers are shown here :

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Auto Drop Soap Dispenser
Stainless Steel Auto Soap Dispensers
Auto Soap Dispenser in ABS Body
Auto Soap Dispenser
Stainless Steel Auto Soap Dispenser
Elegant Looks Auto Air Freshener with Remote Control
SS Soap Dispenser
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