Auto Sliding Doors

Auto sliding doors system is the automation system for passage selection on internal sliding doors. With it all the command and safety functions are always standard. Doors are equipped with intelligent microprocesor controllers leads to greater security. Equipped with a brushless DC motor , Auto Sliding Doors system deliver extremely effective energy saving high speed, high torque, quiet and non-warming features. Auto Sliding Doors are widely used because of their linear movement mean they do not require large operating space.
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Auto Sliding Door Controllers- Ez gate in W1 in belt type
Auto Sliding Doors Controllers -DC 505/SD-806 in W1 in V Belt type
Toshi Telescopic door suitable for areas where opening space is limited but maximum auto door opening is required.
Auto Sliding Doors SD 806 L in W1 in teethed belt type
Auto Sliding Door Controllers- RIB - 2009
Auto Sliding Door Controllers- RIB - 2010
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